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We provide legal solutions to help clients successfully navigate life changes. Our services include Family Law, Business Formation, and Contracts.

Austin Law LLC
Family Law, Business Formation, and Contracts, Springfield, MO

Practice Areas

Family Law

We provide a safe, emotionally supportive refuge to help you navigate family transitions and crises. We offer exceptional personalized services and diligently advocate for the best possible outcomes for you and your family. We provide services for divorce, custody, maintenance, child support, paternity actions, adoption, and other family issues. 

Business Formation

We work closely with you to position your business for success. We advise on entity selection, incorporation, and government compliance. We also draft necessary documents such as bylaws, partnership and shareholder agreements, employment policies, and other business contracts.


We assist in negotiating and drafting employment, prenuptial, cohabitation, and other contracts.


I am a trained mediator who assists two disputing parties in voluntarily working together to resolve their disputes. Mediation allows both parties to maintain some control over the outcome of the dispute and reach a settlement that benefits both parties.

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We are skilled legal advocates who focus on advising and solving problems for our clients. We carefully analyze each client's unique situationlikely legal consequences, and long-term goals to achieve the best possible outcome.